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Exile Mod Productions


Exile Mod Prductions is a modding team, our objective is to create good mod and now to be known as possible, founded on 2004 by genobreaker and it all started out as a clan to games like Half-Life Counter-Strike and Command and Conquer. We have created mods before just to be proud ourselves. But none of the mods are released because of bad output to it, some issues regarding on files being deleted or lost because of other people and some other excuses.

Discontinued MODS

C&C Exile (C&C Yuri's Revenge)
It started as a mod for C&C Red Alert 2 and then for Yuri's Revenge, the objective of its creation is just to satisfy on the units that I put in and didn't think of the balancing. Adding powerful units especially with the allies and messing up with the codes. And also the longest mod on development with cases of accidents of file deletion because of hard drive crashes and more. The lastest abouts of this mod is that it will be a total conversion, but results are not good and doesn't satisfy what I am needing, so this mod is now dumped.

TS: Weapons Free (C&C Tiberian Sun)
A mod that fuses the old Tiberium Dawn units and also C&C Renegade units into Tiberian Sun. It was almost completed and ready to release. But the look of the mod is aweful and it must be better recreated or have a redesign to it. We have no turning backs so we decided to shut it down.

Upcoming MODS

I have already plans to create a mod in C&C Generals Zero Hour but right now I am not in the right time to make it.

TS: Battletech (C&C Tiberian Sun)
Planning to be as a Tiberian sun mod, a Total Conversion. Putting The Battletech Universe in Tiberian Sun, creating a new feeling to it and more.

YR: Global War (C&C Yuri's Revenge)
An add-on mod for C&C Yuri's Revenge, a mod that adds more countries and new technologies to all sides. This is just only as a plan, I might discard this.